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Jumping naked into a cold lake

Sharing pictures of my rather bizarre dare. I jumped nude into a very cold water out in a lake on a very cold morning. You can see several houses by the lake and am more than 100 percent sure someone was watching me and that rush of being caught naked in a public place heated my body enough to be able to take a dip that foggy morning.

I just had a bad breakup the previous day and I had to do something to get that off my chest. So, I figured why not entertain the world with what my asshole ex is going to miss. This is a neighborhood with mostly older couples and I figured I will strip naked in the morning hours.

I took all the photos myself with my camera and it was lots of fun. I took a dip once with my underwear, then some shots on the deck in my wet body (watch out for the photo where I opened up my asshole for you to see) and then decided what the heck, I would take off everything and get all nude in public. I removed my bra and panties too and took yet another dip. The water was fucking cold but it was worth it. I wonder how many old men in those houses wanked off to this stripper by the lake side.

Let me know if you guys liked it. I really had lots of fun and can do something similar if you have more ideas.

By the way, I'm also sending one picture of the deck itself to show you guys how foggy and cold it was and how hard I worked for you haha

Webmaster Note: The pictures spawn over two pages, don't miss the last few pics of her posing on the deck nude. Scroll to the end of the images for the second page.



  1. Beautiful view of the lake and your body. Nicely done!

  2. thanks for sharing the pictures here, and the view at the lake from my house that day! 😉

  3. U are very hot an sexy

  4. Very hot. The thought of you doing that and picturing me watching you made me horny. How horny did taking those pics make you?

  5. Fingers hot, yeah do more. Video would be easier to shoot yourself, and great to watch. If you don’t mind a young man being very pleased to watch you

  6. Damn your sexy. You’ve got a fucking hot body. Your ex is a dumbshit. This is the hottest photo shoot ever. Love how you let it all out for everyone. Please do another soon.

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