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Iranian wife takes an outdoor naked bath

Hi all, Here I sending some pictures in my wife and I went to a small waterfall close by our home. It is a lonely place and we went more on the weekday so no one there.

We usually take bath there but with clothes, but yesterday I got excited because I was seeing this site and like site others and go excited. So I asked my wife to bath naked in the outdoors because anyone not there anyways. She did not dare but after I walked around and told no body there, she agreed to remove her clothes completely and started bath naked in the public while I take these pictures.

The pictures while actual bathing naked are not good, so I sending to you pictures taken while she stripping getting ready for bath. Am very excited doing this and we will do this again and more pictures I will send. Please post on your site and ask people to tell what they think.



  1. please upload more pics

  2. very nice bums. But it looks Indian:-)

  3. What a glorious bum!!! Would love to see some shots from the other side! :)

  4. She has a very delicious bum. It would be
    wonderful to French kiss her ass hole and taste
    her anal juices. You should share her with
    Other men And make her wet

  5. I get very exited with wives daring pics. your wife seems to be very feminine.Her curvy full ass is very delightful to see… She seems to be a little, shy though. her ass pic is very natural and beutiful. thank you for giving us the chance to enjoy looking at your wife beuty.

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