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[Video] Wife forcefully stripped in front of a crowd

Check this video of a husband forcing his wife into stripping and dancing in front of a crowd in a bar. The girl after hesitating a lot, takes her top off and dances like a stripper herself.

But she disagrees to go stark naked by removing her panties. The crowd insists on seeing her completely naked and then the husband does something bold - he grabs her panties and pulls them down making her stand on a bar stool showing her pussy in public in front of many strangers in a bar.


  1. hot made me horney as hell

  2. I went up to one of the local bars to meet up with our neighbors. My neighbor knew that my husband was out of town. They were at the bar watching the football game. Next thing I knew they were trying to get me drunk. I decided to pretend that I was getting drunk to see what they were up to. I was kissing the one neighbor and all of a sudden in front of everyone he starts unbuttoning my blouse. I think everyone was surprise that I wasn’t resisting but I was pretending that I was pretty well inebriated. He unbuttoned my blouse completely and took it off of me. He was playing with my breast outside of my bra. One of the other neighbors than unclipped my bra, and slid it off of me. They were playing with my breast and kissing me. Then I decided to unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. The guys were quite surprised as I pull them down. Now I’m sitting in this bar in just my panties and I had already kicked off my shoes.

    • I wish you were my wife. Wanna get married? <3

  3. very nice

  4. My girlfriend also loved to be seen naked dy strangers.this first started 20 odd years ago.she also liked to shock men by going out in just her knee length boots.she loved walking in pubs naked showing all and sundry her shaved soon as she walked into the pub she was always manhandled to her great delight. She always let the men touch her in every possible place.she too used to let the men bend her over and do what they wanted with her.every night when she came home cum was drippinng out of both holes.she too lovd being fucked by horny guys.she is still daring to this day.more at home now just with certaiin friends.sometimes two at once which she loves( thdey do too )

  5. My girlfriend used to do the naked dare a few years ago.she used to go out with a female friend to our local pubs.whilst in one of the pubs she was playing pool with some local lads.has she was bending over taking a shot.someone said she wasnt wearing knickers under her leggings.she turned round and said she never wears knickers.she had by thn drunk a few glassess of of the lads said take off your leggiings to which she said ok i they came and she stood there in just nnn her black boots.her top soon followed.she stood there coompletely naked.she then started to be groped all over by loads of didnt take her long to have her first of many orgasms that night. from then on when she used to go out on thursday with her friend she used to go out completely naked.all the lads in the local pubs all loved it seeing her shaved pussy and her nipples firm and hard.she told me and confied by her friemd the lads all had a very good time with her.she used to let them do whatever they wanted with her. One of her nights out she said she must have had 40 plus orgasms.most of them whilst being fucked by differant lads and olderen

  6. My wife strips for me only at home but once she took the dare. She went to the middle of the road and went stark naked. Earned cash a lot. Now we have a business of this. People come to our house, pay and see her strip stark naked:)

  7. Thanks for the inluence ! My wife saw this video and decided she wanted to try it. But she went a little further and when we went to our favorite bar she wore only a black lacey camisle and black thigh highs and heels. She made it easy for people to see her bare ass and pussy and she too danced on the bar and took the camisole off and stayed naked and walked through the crowd out to our car. We have been back several times and she gets naked soon after we enter the bar. Great fun !

  8. Wish my wife would do that.

  9. Wife nude for others

  10. great video and she looks very lickable all over

  11. Love every part

  12. Had my wife naked while our friend was driving us home since we were both drunk. We ended up having a threesome. We did it again the next day while we were sober. It was so hot seeing suck and ruck another guy.

  13. iam getting no video specified pls help

  14. Some boy friends or husbands get a kick out of exposing their female mates naked. Got hand it to you, the girl looks sexy with or without her clothes. I witnessed the same thing in pub in Ingland. She had no trouble stripping down to her panties and soon got those lost those as well. She looked as flushed with embarrassment as this girls, but the one I saw got her clothes convenietly hidden. Her embarrassment turned into utter humiliation when she began getting groped and had to make a dash for the bathroom. Anyway this girl has nothing to be ashamed off. I loved watching her breasts and her nicely trimed pussy. Wish I’d been there.

  15. Nice video…nice to see a pretty, shy girl, with a real hot body get into the “mood”. Hubby (or boyfriend) must really like you to show what you have. Very sexy dance for the boys.

    That being said, my wife surprised me with a similar scenario. She was pretty drunk and was showing guys at the bar her boobs. It was pretty exciting. Not that I pushed the issue, but the blouse came off, along with her jeans and did a dance on the bar. She too is somewhat shy about showing her pussy in public, but alot of coaxing from the guys and she dropped them on the bar. Was real exciting seeing my wife nude in front of a bunch of guys. I hope we get to do it again…I hope you do also….

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