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Wife shows ass in her backyard

This is something which got me and my wife very excited and so we decided to also share it with people online. The other day, my wife and me were in our backyard and doing some random chatting. We got into some horny topics and then onto the topic of people exposing themselves in open places.

Within minutes both of us knew what we are going to do. Our backyard is totally visible from all of our neighborhood houses and I dared her to go bottomless right there in the backyard. To my surprise she did and I dashed into the house to grab a camera for pictures. The fact that any of our neighbors could be seeing her bare ass in our backyard made us fuck like rabbits that night.

I don't know if any actually saw her this way, but I wish they did!



  1. gorgeous ass. my wife has the hots for a guy that walks in the alley behind our back yard and she gave him an upskirt bare ass, a little puss showing too. So hot!!!!!!! I guess I better keep an eye on her.

  2. nice ass she should be very proud and i guess she has a nice pussy too

  3. BTW:

    can you imagine how much crazy exciting if a neighbor passed by you and her , say hello to both of you , and start a very normal conversation with you about weather , gardening ….etc , while you listening and she acting normal , turn around and bend over to show him a “flower” , he express he like it ( the flower !!!) and then gone …… and you start rabbit action 😉

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  4. you should be proud of her ass …..

    oh , I’m speechless !!!!!

  5. Hello both of you, but especially ot youw wife.
    You are very lucky man, having a baby with such a great ass!!
    Well, I woyld really like, not say I would love to, next time you do such things
    to be somewhere close to your backyard and spy this hot hot ass.
    Just to spy, masturbate as an animal and cum, cum and cum..
    I already have masturbate while looking at the picture, but next time i preffer do it whathing a live naked ass..


  6. very nice horny pic, any more ?

  7. V nice pic Hun 😉 u n ur man sound like a pretty horny copple n yea it’s pretty great doing nawty stuff so u mite get caught :) I sometimes go in a park or woods realy early In the morning n just get naked n walk around lol , there’s nobody there but there’s a chance of getting caught by an early morning dog walker maybe 😉 so that keeps the blood pumping xx

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