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Transparent bra and panty in public

Well, this is not really as bold as the other people's submissions on this site, but still I thought this will is hot and refreshing. Pictured is my wife when we went to a shore to have some fun.

This is not planned but I observed that after getting into the water, her wet bra and panty got so transparent, that you could see her nipples and pussy through her bra and panty. I could see everyone on the beach peeking at her to get a glance of her assets and this turned me on like crazy.

I told her how everyone was able to see through her garments and she started enjoying it and walking around the crowded portions of the beach to let the public in the beach see more of her. Then it struck me that I take some photographs and upload her tits here on this site and you guys to see. Hope you enjoy this.

I never submitted pictures here before and this happened impromptu but I might post more of her naked pics here in future if you guys like this.


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