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Tanishka goes full nude

As I said in my previous email, we have been getting unbelievable response on our naked dares all over the internet, where ever we posted. Its been mostly teasing without actually showing the tits or her vagina. Most of her fans were asking for full naked photo with no clothes at all

Well, the girl finally agreed to post one such picture. She is totally naked but as always not willing to show completely. She covered both boobs and cunt and this is the best I could convince her for. Hope you like it and have fun. Who knows, with enough encouragement, she might show it all in near future

Tanishka outdoor sari stripping dare
School uniform stripping dare by Tanihska



  1. Tanishka also appears as Priyanka on certain websites. I am just going crazy about her.

    Need her full set of pictures from the outdoor shoot.

    Why can’t some fan collect all her high res pictures and upload to a torrent site ?

    Post a link here if you have any information about her image gallery, ideally she should set up own website or paid site for her fans.

    Problem is they don’t allow discussions about her on exbii site

  2. Why is Tanishka not setting up a paid site just like sunny Leone for her fans ?

  3. Still she is not showing her pussy and full boobs. Please show your nude body with your face, she has nice figure and really very very very very hot and sexy figure she has. I am excited to see her face with her nude body.


  4. I luv ur busty boobs.. I want 2 fuck u..

  5. She is obviously a beautiful woman. Go sheer without fear. Or at least wear a fishnet bodysuit .

  6. i love it.

  7. Mind blowing, she is the best on this site.

    • I think her face spoils her asset

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