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Naked photoshoot while wife is sleeping

Hi everyone out there,

I'm submitting some pictures of my wife I have taken in a hotel room during our vacation as she is sleeping. Webmaster, do not worry, she is totally aware that I'm sending these pictures.

So, we decided to send some hot pics for this site after being a fan for quite some time. However, we just did not get an opportunity to actually take some pics. But yesterday, as she was sleeping, I got this idea to take her pics while she is on the bed. I haven't seen any such pictures on this site and thought that would be hot. So, I pulled my new camera (am a photographer by profession) and shot these pics while she is half asleep.

Hope you guys enjoy the pics. Let us know in comments how you find her. My model would be willing to pose more I guess for this photographer :)



  1. She is gorgeous please pull the sheets off and show us the rest

  2. She’s really HOT. Let’s pull the sheet off!

  3. nice but need improvement

  4. So beautiful…..she’s fabulous

  5. U’r wife boobs are very hot and nice shape, I think so, many of her boyfriend squeezed them from so many years…
    I also want 2 press them once…

  6. beauty and hot

  7. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I would love to see more of this beautiful woman. Any chance of more pics?

  8. Lovely smooth round boobs and erect nipples! love her bravado! hoping to see more!

  9. She’s lovely. What’s her ethnic background?

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