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Immigrant couple teases with sexy wife pictures

Hello website - We are a newly wed couple and recently moved to the United States for work. We had been having so much fun here in this new place esp. the openness here given that we come from a much more conservative place.

My wife is still a little conservative, but ever since I landed here I wanted to try something exciting in our sex life which is when I came across this site. I was truly excited by the idea of couples and girls sharing their naked bodies here in the openness of the internet for the public to see. After much convincing, my wife agreed to pose for a few pics. Initially she just said a few tease pictures, but as I started clicking, even she got excited and eventually bared her tits and did this semi naked dare for everyone to see.

Am excited sending these pictures to you and hoping that you will upload to your site soon. Thanks. Waiting to hear what people think. If possible, please also post this email address on the site. Thanks.



  1. wow! she has really nice breasts!

  2. There is nothing more exciting then a woman exposing herself for the first time. She has beautiful breasts and I love her dark nipples. Makes them “show more” Tell her not to be shy and let us guys enjoy her beauty. If you care to, you can write me at my email address. Maybe do some picture trading?

  3. Your wife is amazing! Very nice breasts, I hope you post more soon!

  4. Nice pic. wish we could have some more pic. Ur wife has a very nice pussy.

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