Husband milks his wife’s boobs


We are a great fan of this site and have had great sex after seeing the pictures and reading the stories of hundreds of people. When its time for us to contribute, I always wanted to do something more than just showing the tits and vagina on nude for public.

So, we came up with this funny idea of my wife bending over like a cow and me milking her tits. We have never done this before and the thought of me posting pics of milking my wife online was amazing. There is also a different picture we took quite some time ago, when my wife was on a bench in a public park and I dared her to drop her pants right there. As it was dark and no one around, she did it without much hesitation. That was actually her first time doing something horny in public.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    My husband milks me all the time he has me on top of him sucking the milk from my hard niple in order for him to milk me he waits till my nipples are hard

  2. Rajesh says:

    Hi ! Its good to see other having similiar ideas. I already have hucow and do milk her like real cows and also rent her to others also just for milking her like cow.

  3. SoftTits says:

    A video with milk really oozing out of those soft tits would be great. Please post if you can.

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