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Hot girl friend being the perfect bike girl

After much coaxing, my girl friend finally agreed to be the perfect bike girl I always wanted her to be, being my naked pillion while I ride across the city. Well, she didn't ride with me naked, but she agreed for this photo shoot in a rather secluded place outdoors. It goes without saying, she is a fucking hot damsel and now presenting to the public, how naughty she can be, if I say the right words.

I have been sharing these pics all over the internet being a true bro helping everyone jerk to her pics. We would love to do more public stints like this one(will remain anonymous though). So if you want to see her stripping naked in a different setup, just let me know. She was kind of excited while doing this one and there is no going back for her.

Do you like my bike or my model?



  1. love her

  2. I too love to show off my super hot gf.
    Let me know if you want to swap.

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