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Girls shows nude body to compete with neighbor

Hi all,

I just wanted to share my pictures and tell you all how I came to this point of actually going through with it. Many of you guys reading are probably wondering how to get your wives or girlfriends to post on here and so let me share my story and ideas.

One day my hubby told me that someone gave him the address of a website where our neighbour had posted naked pics of herself and he asked me to help him look and find her pics here but I didn't know this site at the time. I was excited to see if she really did it or not. Hubby was given the wrong address (wrong page) and so we spent two hours trying to find the pics of our neighbor ... looking at dozens of posts and hundreds of dare pics. My husband continously told me that I was more attractive than each of the woman we were seeing. I was turned on by his compliments and by reading the comments the posters were receiving (post page) so I became hooked and didn't say "no" when he asked me to take some pics (see attached) ...

To the males: Your girlfriend is probably more open to this site than you think. I think a lot of guys don't understand that we enjoy sensual and sexy pictures and articles just as much as men do. I am fortunate that I have the encouraging husband that I have and that he is open with me. I have learned a lot about myself in the past couple of years with him.




  1. Wow!!!! He was so very right. You’re SMOKIN’!

  2. Claire is absolutely gorgeous!!! I wish you guys would post some more!

  3. AWSOME!

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